Banner Lookups

The Banner Lookups are now accessible within NMSU Analytics. To use NMSU Analytics you must successfully logon by providing your credentials: MyNMSU Username and Passphrase. Additional security setup is not required to access Banner Lookups. Links to the Banner Lookups are also available through under NMSU Analytics. To access NMSU Analytics go to:

Once you are logged into NMSU Analytics, the Banner Lookups can be accessed from the Portal Navigation-NMSU Tab by clicking on the Banner Lookups link. Information is listed in the following categories:

Banner Finance Lookup

Banner Index Lookup

  • Banner Index Lookup-By Activity
  • Banner Index Lookup-By Fund
  • Banner Index Lookup-By Grant
  • Banner Index Lookup-By Organization
  • Banner Index and F-Level Org Lookup

Other Banner Finance Information

  • Banner Account Codes List
  • Banner Transaction Types List
  • Banner Commodity Codes List
  • Vendor Tax Form Status Lookup

Banner HR Lookup

Banner Timesheet Lookup

  • Banner Timesheet Lookup-By Timesheet Approver
  • Banner Timesheet Lookup-By Organization

Other Banner HR Information

  • Job History-Current, Future and Past 12 months