COVID-19 Protective Supplies (Updated: 6/22/20)

In preparation for our return to campus, the university is working to ensure departments are equipped with supplies necessary to promote a healthy environment.  In addition to regularly scheduled custodial care, the university will ensure availability of standard supplies upon return to campus operations.  These supplies are intended for use by faculty, staff, and students to ensure health and safety while on performing their duties. It is anticipated that employees and students will have their own masks and will practice safe habits.

As additional supply needs and suppliers are added to list, we will continue to update this page.

Sanitization Stations

Approximately 1,300 wall mounted hand sanitizer dispensers will be installed in classrooms and common areas on the Las Cruces campus.  Custodial teams will service the dispensers as part of the university’s daily cleaning program.


Supply Vending Machines

Vending machines provide an onsite inventory of readily available supplies.  Machines will be places across campus.  Supplies available through vending include:

  1. Hand sanitizer
  2. Latex gloves
  3. Disposable masks (3-ply)
  4. Safety glasses
  5. Disinfectant wipes – available in September

Additional information such as locations and usage instructions are forthcoming.


Departmental Supply Orders

  • Disposable masks 3-ply (50/box)
  • Hand sanitizer (12/case 16 oz)
  • Gloves (Nitrile, 5 mil, powder free, 100/box, Sm/Med/Lrg/XL)
  • Safety glasses (one-size fits all) EA
  • Free standing barrier shields and panels
  • Direction Dots – Laminated Floor Decals (100/box)
  • Barrier – freestanding guard post and clear frame (portable, 22” x 28” Sneeze guard/EA)
  • Barrier – portable employee guards (counter mounted acrylic guard 32″w x 40″h/EA)
  • Barriers – custom size barriers, contact Jason Sandoval, or 646-7708.
  • Disinfectant Wipes (50/pack 70% Alc.)
  • Disinfectant Wipes (1200/Case, 24 packs of 50, 70% Alc.)
  • Disinfectant spray (12oz bottle/EA)

Additional supplies in progress

  • Face shields

Procurement Services will continue to add other suppliers and products as available.

AggieMart users – Approved supplies above have been added to supplier catalogs on the shopper dashboard.  See:  How to Purchase COVID-19 Supplies

Banner users – A plan to provide college/division business manager with access to make direct purchases in AggieMart is underway.  Until this transition is complete for your unit, you may submit a completed COVID-19 Supplies Order Form to  The Aggie Service Center will complete the order on your behalf.



University make ready priority plans for condition assessment, barriers, and signage are:

  1. Student residential spaces
  2. Student classroom spaces
  3. Student research spaces
  4. Student support spaces for high-visited areas
  5. Administrative and staff workspaces


Modifications and areas that will be managed as a project through Facilities & Services and grouped by project type or by College/Department include:

  • Attached barriers of any kind that require installation
  • Computer Labs
  • Floor plan reconfiguration of cubicles
  • Retrofit existing cubicle partition height with panels (attached cubicle add-on)
  • All other physical modification to existing space


Departments may make direct purchases of the following types of items as approved by NMSU:

  • Freestanding barrier shields
  • Freestanding panel base workstation screen
  • Freestanding counter shield at a reception desks and check-in points
  • Freestanding desk screen
  • Moveable barrier


Face Coverings

Non-branded Face Coverings (for faculty and staff)

The Purchasing Department has ordered face coverings for all faculty and staff. These items are reusable and meet CDC standards.  Once these face coverings are received, distribution to each college and division will be coordinated.


Branded Face Coverings (for promotional and marketing activities)

Click here to see approved suppliers and pricing options for courtesy face coverings branded with NMSU logos. PCard may be used for all orders.


If you need assistance with odering items, contact or 575-646-2000