COVID-19 Protective Supplies (Updated: 02/19/21)

In addition to regularly scheduled custodial care, the university has identified options to ensure departments are equipped with supplies necessary to promote a healthy environment.  These supplies are intended for use by faculty, staff, and students to ensure health and safety while on performing their duties. It is anticipated that employees and students will have their own masks and will practice safe habits.

As additional supply needs and suppliers are added to list, we will continue to update this page.

Las Cruces Campus

    Vending Machines

    Supplies are readily available through onsite vending machines.  Vending machines are stocked several times a week.  All regular employees and graduate assistants have access to departmental vending machines.  Supplies obtained through the departmental vending machines will be charged centrally at no cost to the department.
    Supplies available through departmental locker vending machines include:

    • Hand sanitizer (16 oz)
    • Disposable gloves (100/box) *
    • Disposable masks (3-ply, 50 pack)
    • Disinfectant wipes (50 pack)
    • Disinfectant spray (1 qt bottle)
    • Clear face shields
    • Safety glasses

    * Nitrile gloves are available for activity/lab hazard assessments, see locations below

    For items not listed above, please contact Aggie Service Center at 646-2000 for assistance.

    Departmental supply vending machines are located (also found on NMSU COVID 19 Map):

    • Chemistry Building (near room 110) (*)
    • Corbett Center Student Union (2nd floor, west side)
    • Domenici Hall (near room 106)
    • Ed and Harold Engineering Complex (1st floor lobby)
    • Foster Hall (near room 231)*
    • Gerald Thomas (south lobby near room 194)*
    • Hardman and Jacobs Undergraduate Learning Center (near ICT computer lab)
    • O’Donnell Hall (east lobby)

    Click here for access to vending machine instructions.

    Click here for form to request departmental access for temporary or student employees.

    AggieMart Users

    Utilize vending machines for immediate access to COVID-19 supplies. Otherwise, approved supplies have been added to the COVID Supplies Order Form on the AggieMart Shopping Page under COVID-19 Supply Ordering. See How to Purchase COVID-19 Supplies

Community Colleges & Remote Units

For assistance with COVID-19 protective supplies purchases, please contact Aggie Service Center at 646-2000 or email

AggieMart users, approved supplies above have been added to the COVID Supplies Order Form on the AggieMart Shopping Home Page under COVID-19 Supply Ordering. See How to Purchase COVID-19 Supplies

Barriers and Partitions

Modifications that will be managed as a project through Facilities & Services include:

  • Attached barriers of any kind that require installation
  • Computer Labs
  • Floor plan reconfiguration of cubicles
  • Retrofit existing cubicle partition height with panels (attached cubicle add-on)
  • All other physical modification to existing space

Departments may order the following types of items as approved by NMSU:

  • Freestanding barrier shields
  • Freestanding panel base workstation screen
  • Freestanding counter shield at a reception desks and check-in points
  • Freestanding desk screen
  • Moveable barrier
  • Lead time for these items is approximately 8 days.  Click here for options. 

AggieMart users, order through AggieMart on Shopping Home Page under COVID-19 Supply Ordering. See How to Purchase COVID-19 Supplies

Non-AggieMart users, contact the Aggie Service Center 575-646-2000 or email for order assistance

Social distancing floor decals

Facilities & Services has options available for social distancing floor decals.  Contact for more information on how to obtain these decals.

Face Coverings

Non-branded Face Coverings (for faculty and staff)
The University has ordered face coverings for all faculty and staff. These items are reusable and meet CDC standards.  To obtain face coverings, please send quantity needed along with MSC to  Your order will be delivered to mail services for pickup.

Branded Face Coverings (for promotional and marketing activities)
Click here to see approved suppliers and pricing options for courtesy face coverings branded with NMSU logos. PCard may be used for all orders.

Need Assistance

If you need assistance with ordering items, contact or 575-646-2000