The advisor or an officer of the organization should contact the Aggie Service Center at 646-2000 or asc@nmsu.edu for assistance.
To establish an agency fund, an organization must submit the following two forms on a ticket via Aggie Service Desk:
New Fund Number Request Form
Questionnaire for Establishing Agency Funds
The organization will be notified once the agency index has been setup.
Agency fund numbers have the second position number of a ‘9’ e.g. X9XXXX.
In general, agency funds are monies that are the property of the organization and can be withdrawn or disbursed at its discretion. Purchase of alcohol is not allowable.
Agency funds cannot be used for NMSU purchase orders or for purchases made on procurement cards.
Transfer of expenses between agency and non-agency funds is not permitted.
Contact asc@nmsu.edu or call 575-646-2000 for assistance. Questions regarding an active agency fund will require that the advisor or an officer from the organization request the information.


Contact Issuing bank at 1-800-932-0036.  This number can also be found on the back of the PCard or Contact asc@nmsu.edu.
A ticket should be entered in Aggie Service Desk using the “PCard Limit or Use Request” template; complete all applicable questions and provide a quote or terms and conditions as necessary.
New cards take 7-10 business days to arrive. The cardholder will be notified by email with instruction on where to pick up card or delivery information. Cardholder must pick up card and present picture ID. Out of town cardholders will be contacted to make arrangements.
If no transactions were on this cycle, you do not need to provide coversheet or anything to pcardreceipts@nmsu.edu just mark statement reviewed in the PCard system; nothing further required.
Call Aggie Service Center, 575-646-2000 to determine reason for decline and action needed.
• $3,000 transaction limit is exceeded; Submit a ticket in the Aggie Service Desk using the ‘PCard Limit or Use Request’ template to request a limit increase.
• $10,000 monthly card limit is exceeded. Submit a ticket in the Aggie Service Desk using ‘PCard limit or Use Request template’ to request a limit increase.
• Declined due to blocked merchant, ASC will request merchant lift.
NMSU is exempt from paying sales tax on goods. If the vendor charged sales tax, Cardholder should provide the tax exempt number or a copy of our Tax Exempt Notice and request a refund. If the vendor is out of state, and you were charged tax, you can attempt to request a refund, however, not all out of state vendors honor our tax exempt status.


If it is an employee they may use either a Payment request or Travel Expense Report. For non-employees, Payment Request Form.
Direct pays are for payments to Vendors and Payment Requests are for Payees (non-vendors). Further guidance can be found at asc.nmsu.edu under Payment Guidelines.
No. There should only be one payment type selected.
No. Outside vendors are not allowed to pick up checks.
All payments to Vendors and Payees should be mailed by Accounts Payable. In very rare, extenuating circumstances a department may submit a check release and Accounts Payable will allow a check to be released to a Department.



Process a new PO for each Fiscal Year for open orders.
Submit the credit application to purchasing@nmsu.edu for completion. Once complete it will be returned to the requester.


No. They must claim actuals not to exceed per diem rates.
Yes, or the airfare can be purchased with a university PCard.
According to location and dates of travel the rates may vary. It cannot exceed the highest rate listed.
If a travel expense report is submitted greater than 90 days after the return date, it becomes taxable to the traveler per IRS guidelines and taxes will be withheld from the next payroll check.
Yes, per diem amounts include a $5 incidental expense.
If you did not have an overnight stay, but were gone for 9 or more hours you may claim same day per diem and will be reimbursed at 75% of the meal per diem rate.
Advances are available for regular faculty, regular staff and graduate assistants.
The use of incentives for University business is not reimbursable by the University, as these are not actual out-of-pocket expenses incurred by the traveler.
Yes, if required by NMSU to meet other business needs or traveler emergency approved by the Supervisor.
No. The University will reimburse for fuel purchased out of pocket.